What is Freightmaster...?


Freightmaster is a guide to rail-borne freight services in this country, first published in 1994.

All *regular* freight services are listed, including many which are not listed in working timetables,
and where possible, we try to only list those trains which actually run.

The original printed version is still available, published at the start of April, July, October and January
each year, but is principally intended as an 'historical' record, as it soon becomes out of date due to the
vast number of changes to freight services each month!

To combat this, in 2001 we launched an 'online' version of Freightmaster, which is updated 52 times a year,
so gives a far more accurate picture of what is running at any given time, although it must be stressed
that neither the printed or online version of Freightmaster can ever be 100% accurate due to the inherent
poor timekeeping, last minute cancellations, etc, of freight trains!

For ease of use, each of the train timetables is divided into 'Mondays to Fridays' and 'Saturdays/Sundays'.
For each train headcode and timings are given, along with usual days run, booked motive power
and type of train.

click here for a list of tables, and some free (but out of date!) samples