So How Much Does It Cost...?

An annual (April to March) subscription to Freightmaster Online costs £80.00.

But at other times of the year, we also offer shorter subscription periods as a cheaper alternative...

Although the online version of Freightmaster is vastly superior in terms of accuracy, the printed version features maps of freight flows by commodity, and provides a unique historical 'snapshot' of the trains running at a particular point in time, which Freightmaster Online, by its very nature, cannot.

Because of the advantages of each type of subscription, we have decided to offer a 'combined' online and book subscription from only £10 more than an online-only subscription!  


FM Online Books Price Saving
trial access through to March 30th 2021 - £12 -
trial access through to March 30th 2021 one edition £19 £10*
to pay monthly, click here!        
Access through to September 30th 2021 - £49 -
Access through to March 30th 2022 - £80 -


* compared to buying individual copies of Freightmaster.  

For details on paying by cheque, see the Contact page.